New Community Centre

Oct 23, 2022 – Work on the Skating Rink Facility located in Skyway Park has begun. The park is on Kenwood Avenue between Skyway Plaza and St. Elizabeth Anglican Church.

To my surprise, the City is not just renovating the existing building but is relocating and expanding the structure. This new facility will cover most of the middle section of the park and offer several new services. Bad on me for not reading the fine print and appreciating that the new structure will eliminate much of the current green space.

The positive point of the development is the City’s ability to offer many more services in a newly enhanced facility. The negative aspect is the loss of so much green space. While the baseball diamond will be preserved and the south end of the site will be opened up with the elimination of the old skating rink building, it is nevertheless a loss of open space.

I have many memories of playing touch football in this park. You really had room to run and burn energy. You had no worries about throwing a frisbee with your dog and running out of space.

Anyways, it’s all part of the evolution of the neighbourhood that will make the place more attractive to new families.


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