Rear of Bateman (Oct 15th, 2022)

Oct 15, 2022 – Here is a video of the back of the school (sorry for the blasting car radio). In the future, this area will likely change a lot. With all the services that are planned to be located at the school, I would expect some sort of new rear entrance to the building. Also, while there is a lot of talk about keeping Track and the green space, I don’t see where all the cars will park if you have several different services in the school: adult education, library, Board of Education, other community services etc. Queen Elizabeth Park High School in Oakville was the sister school of Lord Elgin and was built in 1972. After it was converted into a community hub, the renovations were significant and neatly merged with the old school structure. So, while the school looks similar to the past, it is still very different. I would expect the same thing to happen with Elgin/Bateman.

Short video clip of the rear of the school on Oct 15th, 2022


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