Elizabeth Gardens C. 1960

Aug 17, 2022 – Here is a labelled version of the 1960 aerial photo. The details are foggy, given the source photo was taken from 50,000 feet.

North-South Streets are as follows:

News Street – top of the photo

Spruce Ave – upper middle

Lakeshore Rd – bottom of the photo

As a side note, Lakeshore was initially called the King’s Highway and was built in 1922. Like the 403, it opened truck and car traffic between Toronto and Hamilton. Representing the halfway point, this is why the Pig and Whistle were located here, as well as other traveller-oriented businesses opened up along the lake in future Elizabeth Gardens.

East-West Roads:

Burloak represented the eastern boundary of the community. Burloak was originally called Townline, but the name changed when Bronte merged with Oakville. Burloak follows a native trail that ran from the lake to Highway 5 (Dundas Road) where it joins other trails that ran through Hamilton and down to Niagara on the Lake and onwards to the former British colonies.

Hampton Heath marked the community’s western border until the Skyway Plaza was built in the 1961-62 period.

Above the future location of the Skyway Plaza was the Waste Water Plant. Proposed in 1953-54, Oakville had strong objects to it for fears that it would pollute their water intake pipe, which supplies their drinking water. The wastewater facility was built expressly to serve the Elizabeth Gardens community.

To the northwest is the future site of the St. Elizabeth Anglican Church.

The Elizabeth Gardens Public School was at the original community’s geographical heart.

I hope that makes the photo a little clearer to read.

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Aerial View of Elizabeth Gardens c.1960


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