RBHS Update

Aug 2, 2022 – I was in the community preparing for the Elizabeth Gardens Art Collective’s Art Walk on Saturday, August 27th. Afterwards, I passed by the school to see what was happening. The Board is currently cleaning out the school. The City’s tentative schedule is to take control of the property in September, with Brock University starting its renovations in October 2022. However, the transfer of ownership has still not been finalized, but it is more likely than not that Elgin will become a community centre, with Brock and the Board using portions of the school. I think the model will be the Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre in Oakville. The QE Park High School is the 1972 sister school of Lord Elgin. Here are some of the photos from Saturday. Cheers.

Front Entrance

Front Entrance Lobby

Cafe, looking toward the stage

Teacher Lunchroom

Rear Entrance Hallway, exit to former smoker’s corner


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