Past Snowstorms

Jan 28, 2022 – Our recent blast of snow on January 17 reminded me of the Blizzard of 1978 that started on January 26.

I remember finally getting to school after fighting the strong winds and super cold temperatures. I was frozen to the bone and immediately went to the cafe to find something warm.

I was in a bit of a fix because they only had hot chocolate or coffee (both of which I hated passionately). I kept asking the staff if there was anything else, and they just looked at me like I was an idiot (which I was). So, I just stood there looking at the coffee maker that sat on a cart between the two doors.

As I stood there, Mr. Hughs came up behind me and asked what was happening. I told him my problem, and he said, “Don’t worry about that.” He then went up to the coffee maker, performed the signs of the cross, and spoke the trinitarian formula. Mr. Hughs then turned to me and said drinking was now acceptable.

The kitchen staff and a few students who were now waiting to pay for their food laughed at this performance.

As I poured a cup of coffee, still looking at it like it was poison, a senior student told me to put in lots of sugar and cream to make it taste better.

Thus, my addiction to coffee started on that frigid Thursday morning. Funny what memories we keep.

May be a black-and-white image of snow and brick wall
Front Entrance of Lord Elgin on Jan 26, 1978


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