50th Reunion Cancelled – For Now

I hope everyone is safe and well in these strange times.

As many of you are now aware, the 50th Reunion Celebrations for June 2020 will not be happening due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Committee had no real choice since the City of Burlington has placed a ban on all public events until the end of June. Furthermore, the uncertainty around how long the outbreak will last made planning for the fall much too tricky. So, it is now a matter of waiting for life to return to normal.

I want to thank the Committee for allowing me to participate in the planning process of the 50th Reunion Celebrations. As a relatively late addition, I appreciate all the countless hours of effort and work that occurred before I joined the Committee. Unlike the 25th Reunion that was organized and supported by the School, the 50th Reunion was led by a small group of alumni volunteers who believed that Elgin meant something to a lot of people and deserved a celebration.

I am also involved with the Robert Bateman Artifacts Committee, which is cataloguing objects that are associated with the School and its precessors (Elgin and General Brock). The work has come to a halt with the closure of the Schools. Hopefully, I will have a chance to get back into the School and help complete the work of the Committee.

I find it hard to believe RBHS will re-open for the students to complete their final term before closing. I feel sorry the students; I remember how important those last months before graduation were to me and being able to start the transition to my next stage in life. I really can’t see how the students will get a chance to say a proper goodbye. While it is not Elgin, it still an extraordinary place. Far superior to Nelson.

Moving forward, I will continue to research and promote Elgin history here on this page. I also will continue to work on my art project (Elizabeth Gardens Community Art Project) that is explores how memory and landscape come together in East Burlington.

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