New Year -New Stories

Townline, East Burlington, 1961

In 50 years, what would you want people to know about your life?

We take for granted that the commonplace will always remain the mundane. With global warming, will my children or grandchildren know winters like the ones we had as kids? With millions of people moving into the GTA, will open fields and vast blue skies still be something you can experience?

The Elizabeth Gardens Community Art Project is my effort to translate your memories, photos, and experiences into artwork. The goal is to collect as many of your pictures and stories as possible. And find the common elements that tell the history of East Burlington. I am interested in hearing from people who lived or worked in the area. In particular, the space between the Lake and the highway; and between the Burloak Drive and Apply Line.

I expect the project to take at least two years to complete. My goal is to create a body of artwork that will first be displayed in the community and then later shown at a regional art gallery like the Art of Burlington.

At the moment, my particular focus is the local high school (RBHS/LEHS), which will be closing in June 2020. Given the tight time frame, I would love to hear your stories about this unique institution while the school is still operating. There is a difference in telling stories about the present versus the past.

I can be reached by most types of social media or by email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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